WP 2023 Badge Partial Solder Kit

part of the pirate puzzle

this guide is honestly gonna be kinda bullshit.
not gonna lie, this just got done way past the deadline.

so here goes a rough assembly order of components.

00) if you've never soldered before, you can learn with this kit.

    other pirates have learned with harder kits.

    don't be intimidated. this is not as hard as it looks.

    first things first, you'll probably want the following tools:

    - adjustable temperature soldering iron
    - decent tip, ideally a flat chisel blade
      (conical or point tips make soldering more difficult as
       heat does not transfer as well)
    - quality solder, not shitty 1% flux amazon shit
    - quality flux, whatever kind you like - pen, goop, etc
    - angle tweezers for holding components
    - desoldering braid
    - loupe or microscope
    - if you're new, someone showing you how to keep a steady hand
      (this is a learned skill, not an innate thing)

01) a word of caution:

    these boards have been very briefly visually inspected.

    there may be soldering faults, missing components, etc.

    be aware of this and understand you or someone else may
    need to inspect and repair this board if it doesn't work
    after assembly.

02) steps 01-16 of the original guide have already been
    done for you.

    refer to the complete assembly guide, starting from
    step 17.